Books around the Do-Khyi

There are at least 3 books which are busy oneself with the Do-Khyi.


Bild Buch

  • The Tibetan Mastiff: Legendary Guardian of the Himalayas
    from Ann. Rohrer
    Publication date: July, 1st 1989
    ISBN: 0940269023 

Bild Buch

  • The Venerable Tibetan Mastiff (Classic Dog Book Series)
    from Max Siber, Cathy J. Flamholtz
    Publication date: September, 1st 1995
    ISBN: 0940269090 
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  • Tibetan Mastiff (Pet Love: Special Rare Breeds Edition)
    from Juliette Cunliffe
    Publication date: July, 4th 2002
    ISBN: 1903098769 



Please, if there are still further books existing, then inform me about it.
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